Welcome one more week to a new post from the OmuSapiens team where we will explain in a basic and simple way what the LSE is and what relationship it has with our PBL Multimedia Engineering project.


The Spanish sign language (LSE) is the gestural language used by Spanish deaf people and people around them. Although there are no reliable records, it is estimated that it has more than 100,000 signatory users. The LSE has been recognized since October 23, 2007 and, also, from that same day, the means of support for oral communication of deaf, hearing impaired and deafblind people are regulated (Law LLSS-MACO). Also note that in Spain, in addition to the LSE, the LSC (Catalan Sign Language) and the LSCV (Valencian Sign Language) are also used

Gráfico lengua de signos en España
Sign languages ​​in Spain. The LSE in yellow, LSC in red and LSCV in orange, the latter two as well as other variations in colors that move away from the yellow spectrum depending on their degree of differentiation from the LSE.

What is this? You will ask. As many of you will know, in OmuSapiens we are developing a remote communication platform through which two users will be able to chat with either text or voice. And so that deaf users do not have problems when a conversation is carried out by voice, a sign language translation can be activated. This project is what encompasses our PBL of Multimedia Engineering at the University of Alicante.

That is why we focus a great deal of our attention and resources on being able to provide that service and be able to promote the LSE as much as possible, making people aware of the existence and need of this language together with the daily difficulties that deaf people can suffer because of this disability.

Links of interest

  • Fesord : La Federation of Deaf People of the Valencian Community (FESORD CV) is a non-governmental organization whose work consists in the defense and empowerment of the deaf and family members to it. And its ultimate goal is for deaf people and their families to exercise their citizenship status in equal treatment, conditions, opportunities and benefits than the rest of society. Highlight that on your website, a signed translation is implemented by passing over the main menu buttons with the computer mouse. This is a clear example of what Omu developers want to accomplish in our ABP.

Página oficial de FESORD

Translation signed to the word who we are on the official website of fesord.

  • DILSE : Dictionary of Spanish sign language (DILSE). The purpose of this website is to be a sign language dictionary, where more than 3,500 signs are collected that allow the user to approach the Spanish sign language and improve knowledge about it. Among the features of the web, are to consult, download and share both photos and videos of the signs.

Página oficial del diccionario de lengua de signos española
Image of a search for the word hello on the Spanish language signs dictionary website

    • See the poetry : project whose purpose is the creation and international dissemination of digital content related to Spanish poetry poured into Spanish Sign Language (LSE) and the promotion of knowledge of this cultural heritage by the deaf community and in turn , by the listening community.
    • Works in sign language : section where you can find works related to sign language.

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