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Hi! We are OmuSapiens, a small group of 5 multimedia engineering students from the University of Alicante. In our last year of career, we are developing an ABP project together throughout the course.

PBL means "Project Based Learning" and is a methodology in which we, the students, carry out a research and creation process that culminates in the birth of a product. The project must be planned, designed and carried out so that the student can incorporate, in a factual way, the contents and learning standards established by the educational legislation. The PBL implementation allows learning themes and itineraries to be designed with greater freedom, so that the final product is no longer the only important thing, but also the learning process, the deepening and the development of key competencies are relevant. . In our case, instead of several projects, we will immerse ourselves in a single project that covers the entire fourth academic year.

As we have mentioned, we are OmuSapiens. The idea of ​​our name came after a long brainstorming session. Finally we decided on OmuSapiens, where Omu means parrot in Japanese, and we add Sapiens as a comic touch in reference to Homo sapiens. The idea behind the name comes from the project we are going to carry out, which is a voice and video platform over IP. Being a voice platform, we wanted to connect the product with a charlatan animal, and what better animal than the parrot! We looked for translations of parrot in different languages ​​and we liked Omu.

What is Omu?

Omu is the project that we will carry out during this stage, which, as we have said before, is a voice and video platform in which users can communicate easily and simply through calls, video calls and text messages. In addition, we think of those who may have difficulty communicating, either because of the language barrier or any other problem such as an auditory disability. That's why Omu will have a sign language interpreter, so we hope you like the idea!

We will inform you about the situation of the project in our Blog and our social networks Instagram and Twitter . As far as we are concerned ... To work!

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